Safety Tips when Shopping at the Mall

Criminals who target shoppers in crowded malls are attracted to a target who seems distracted. When a criminal is identifying a target in mall that is full of shoppers, they are likely to go for one who looks distracted. A shopper who has many bags leaves the criminal hoping that they will get to steal from your many items. It is possible to avoid some places where a criminal can attack you easily. The outlines below are the things you can do to improve your safety as you shop.

Do not park in dark places of the parking lot. A parking that has guards is also a good place. For ease when leaving after shopping, choose a spot near the entrance or exit. A long stay in the parking can make you a target of criminals.

If you are shopping at night, and you have several shopping bags with you, request a security guard to accompany you to the parking lot. Before the guard leaves, check around, under and inside your car to see if anyone is hiding there.

If you have the intention to leave other valuable items in the car as you go to shop, make sure it is not visible from outside the car. The sight of items like electronic devices, and purses can attract criminals, and your is likely to be broken into.

Do not make an assumption that all shoppers in the mall are good people. The mind easily focuses on the things you are buying and the payments you are making for the items you have purchased. It is possible for your pockets to be picked when your attention is grasped by items on the shelf in the mall. In case you notice anything suspicious, trust your instincts and ask for help when needed.

Avoid hallways that are deserted and not properly lit. If you have to use a bathroom, look for one that is located in more trafficked area.

Avoid placing any valuables in the shopping basket.

Do not leave your children unattended. Criminals who target children are present in these places. Putting children on babysitters is another risk.

before you start shopping in a mall, find out about how security is in the area where it is located. Establish whether there are any security stations near it to that you know where to go to in case of an emergency.

Carry the amount of money you are likely to need while shopping. If you are robbed, you will lose only the amount you were to use for shopping, but what you left at home is safe. For the safety of anyone in the mall, these tips are of great importance.

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